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Monday, January 27, 2014

#Call4Entry - Ganoksin's 4th Annual Exhibition: Color Embraced by Metalsmiths

Call for Entries: Ganoksin's 4th Annual Exhibition: 
"Color Embraced by Metalsmiths" 

Ganoksin is pleased to announce its fourth annual International Online Jewelry Exhibition. Entries will be accepted from now until February 15, 2014'

This year's theme will be "Changing Hues: Color Embraced by Metalsmiths Around the World." The exhibition is open to all metalsmiths, professional and amateur, advanced and beginner, around the world. 

The exhibition is seeking works whose primary theme is color, whether that be using colored materials, exploring creating colored surfaces, or encasing the object in color. Works should be about COLOR- not color as an accent or focal point, but with color embraced as their primary visual focus.

Works where color is not the primary visual element will be rejected. 

As this is an online exhibition the work will only be seen via the photographs metalsmiths submit. It is therefore vital that these be in focus, on a neutral background (preferably not textured), and do an excellent job allowing the viewer to really see the piece and the workmanship involved.
JeffreyAppling's Award Winning "Surfer Rings"

Any photographs not meeting exhibition standards will not be used, and the submitting metalsmith will be asked to re-submit the entry with a higher quality of photograph. 

Works will be juried by the curator and director. 

The exhibition will be curated by Beth Wicker, President of the North Carolina Society of Goldsmiths, and Adjunct Instructor at Northeastern Technical College in South Carolina, USA. Director of the exhibition is Hanuman Aspler, founder of The Ganoksin Project, the world's largest internet jewelry site. 

Entries will be accepted from now until February 15, 2014 

Details and entry information is available at 

Please contact Beth Wicker at with any questions.

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