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Friday, January 31, 2014

#DailyJewel - Thanks for the Recognition - GemWorld

l would like to take a brief break from posting gorgeous jewels to send a BIG Thank You to Susan Drucker at GemWorld, the creators of the GemGuide (have you downloaded the mobile app)?

GemWorld is all about education, both for the Trade and for the Consumer.  Susan wanted to help her readers cut through the seemly endless number of "gem & jewelry" blogs available on the internet, these are the one she recommends! 

Susan wrote to her readers, "Just recently I wrote an article on the Top 40 Gem blogs ( I wanted to provide my readers with a curated list of what I believe are the top blogs in the Gem Stone space."

...and about The Daily Jewel she said, "The blog provides you with a daily jewelry "morsel" to satisfy your hunger for beautiful gems and jewels. This is a source of daily jewelry inspiration from artist and celebrity jewels that catch the eye."

Thanks again, Susan we love the GemWorld website!
If you happen to be taking a trip to the Desert to catch the fabulous shows of the Tucson Gem Show - check out the GemWorld Courses being offered:

Emerald Treatments & Pricing
Cultured Pearls & Pricing
Corundum Treatments & Pricing

GEMGUIDE: Quick, Easy, Market Driven  About GemWorld:  Gemworld is the leader in market information, appraisal software solutions, and practical educational offerings for the jewelry industry.

  • The GemGuide since 1982
  • GemGuide Appraisal Software since 1999
  • Hands on practical workshops since 2011
We are also consultants to the industry, expert witnesses, and appraisers. Our expert staff has lectured worldwide and Gemworld has been the host of biannual international conferences since 2008. For consumers we offer full appraisal services with our credentialed gemologists on staff.

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