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Saturday, March 1, 2014

#DesignerSpotlight - Snork Agdere's LORD Jewelry

One of the highlights of the JCK Tucson show for me was seeing in person the truly astounding pieces from LORD Jewelry.  With rings that are reminiscent of the intricate work of fellow Istanbul native Sevan Bicakci with their intaglio reverse carved cabochons, but the pieces from LORD seemed more refined.

Gorgeous crosses - from a Medeival look to very refined styles and Bugs - great Dragonflies and some of the most gorgeous butterflies! 

Lord Jewelry... Legendary!
Sinork Agdere is one of the few jewelry designers focused on artistically-inclined jewelry, created for connoisseurs of fine art and high fashion. 

Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Agdere's artistry reaches from thousands of year’s history of Anatolian civilizations, to the present time. A rich cultural heritage spanning the ancient empires, Assyrian, Hittite, Urartu, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, contribute to the timelessness of his artistry. 

Established in 1972, Agdere’s collections are luxurious, timeless and unique... A striking aesthetic, which holds a unique vision in the marketplace. The intricacy of Agdere's sculptural work is astonishing, captivating and joyous! Each unique design is a masterpiece which comes alive... Rare, precious stones, gold and silver, become the elements to which a legend unfolds. 

Agdere's symbology is powerful... A universal language, which reaches the depths of the soul! From the tree of life, sculpted in gold, which enthrones a cabochon ring, the story continues to an exquisitely carved, bejeweled magical door... Beaconing the wearer forward, into a fantastical world of beauty! 

The last decade marked a breakthrough in design, the cannon of which all other designs have followed… With Agdere's "Grand Bazaar" Collection, inspired by the ancient marketplace of Sultanahmet. Created in the year 1461, the jewelers of the Grand Bazaar supplied the exquisite gems, which adorned Ottoman Palaces. “To experience the brilliance of it's jewels… the finest quality… the rarest of gems mined from the ends of the earth… Is to take a journey into history itself.” 

In 2013, “Lord” Jewelry is the epitome of Agdere's vision, debuted for the first time, within the United States. 

The collection is sculpturally bold, yet impossibly delicate; bright enamels captivating, yet subtle; themes historically rich, yet distinctively modern in style. Agdere not only creates the finest, inspired jewelry... he creates Legend. 

For jewelry connoisseurs who value fine art and high fashion, Agdere is the jeweler of choice. 

View Agdere's "Lord" Jewelry Collection, at Contact them, for retail locations in Los Angeles, Dubai and Istanbul.

* the majority of the copy used came from the Lord Jewelry website.

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