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Sunday, March 2, 2014

WDMF signs Memorandum of Understanding with HRD Antwerp NV

WDMF signs MoU with HRD Antwerp NV
Parties agree on cooperation in retail diamond sales training

The World Diamond Mark® Foundation(WDMF) signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with HRD Antwerp NV, the commercial arm of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) that is charge of diamond grading services, research and instrumentation and worldwide diamond and gemstone grading courses and education. The MoU was signed last month, during the fifth edition of Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair.

Serge Couvreur (left)  and Alex Popov
The rationale for the MoU between WDMF and HRD Antwerp NV is to form a strategic partnership so that HRD can begin offering the WDM diamond sales training to WDM accredited retail members (ADDs). The parties intend to start this collaborative effort in Turkey. Once this pilot has been proven successful,. HRD will than continue and offer the WDM diamond sales training globally.

WDMF Chairman Alex Popov said the MoU is an important step toward the proliferation of the WDM programmes. "HRD Antwerp and WDM both seek to sustain and improve consumer confidence for diamond and diamond jewellery worldwide. WDM's main objective is to accredit retailers and multiply the sales in diamond markets," he stated.

"As a World Diamond Mark® Strategic Partner, HRD Antwerp will be providing diamond sales training to retailers and help establish trust in the markets. Starting in Turkey, I anticipate that our collaboration will grow and that working with WDM, HRD Antwerp will be instrumental in multiplying the numbers of Authorized Diamond Dealers® (ADDs) around the globe and establish consumer confidence in ADD network," HRD Antwerp CEO Serge Couvreur stated.

In its consumer communications, WDM will include the recommendation to consumers to purchase certified diamonds and diamond jewellery as a source of trust in quality, origin and value of the diamonds. HRD Antwerp NV will be able use World Diamond Mark® and Authorized Diamond Dealer® logos and names in its promotional campaigns.

The WDM was represented in January on occasion of the launch of Antwerp's very own quality label "Antwerp Most Brilliant" which was awarded on January 29 to the first six Antwerp jewelers during a ceremony at Antwerp City Hall and congratulated HRD Antwerp with this achievement, which is completely in line with WDM's objectives .

About the WDM
The WDM's global objective is to ensure the health and future growth of the diamond and jewelry industry in the luxury market sector. It is based on three fundamental principles: the education of jewelry retailers about diamonds; confidence building among consumers with the WDM accreditation program; and the creation of a generic marketing program to promote diamonds and diamond jewelry, based on the Authorized Diamond Dealer® concept.

The World Diamond Mark® is a not-for-profit foundation, incorporated in Hong Kong.

About HRD Antwerp NV
Founded in Antwerp in 1976, the HRD Antwerp Diamond Lab is today one of the largest and most respected diamond grading labs worldwide, with its certificates accepted internationally as documented assurances of a diamond's quality and authenticity. As the most prominent laboratory to adhere to the grading standards set by the International Diamond Council (IDC), which is an authoritative body created more than 30 years ago by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) and the International Diamond Manufacturing Association (IDMA), the Diamond Lab was the first industry laboratory to be officially accredited by the International Standards Organisation (ISO/IEC 17025). The integrity, objectivity and anonymity of the grading process are absolute  

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