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Sunday, April 20, 2014

#FabergeEaster - #DailyJewel Spotlight on Faberge!!!

When you think Easter you think Eggs - when you think Eggs you think Faberge!!!!

Faberge has been known for decades as the company that created the bejeweled eggs of the Russian Imperial family.  Faberge is a company whose reputation is based on one man's love of his wife...Tsar Alexander III was so enamored with his wife the Empress Maria Fedorovna that he had an original elaborately jewel encrusted egg made for her by the Faberge workshops each Easter.

“Fabergé Easter” saw an exquisite Fabergé salon and exhibition space set up in Harrods, with the famed Brompton Road windows and façade dressed in Fabergé flags, telling the story of the legendary jewellery house.

A luxurious Fabergé salon will house the jewellery collection of one-of-a-kind, collectible pieces designed for Fabergé by Parisian artist jeweller Frédéric Zaavy. The much coveted collection will be showcased in its entirety for the first time since its creation, as a tribute to the late Frédéric Zaavy.
A Fabergé “Egg Bar” will offer customers an opportunity to discover the iconic egg pendants, while a bespoke in-store engraving service will allow clients to personalise precious gold egg pendants with a special message of their choice. A digital space will surprise and delight visitors.

Re-Discover Faberge!!!

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