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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

#JWLV Special Screening! "Sharing The Rough" #MinetoMarket

I have been to see this film in all of its many versions from the roughest beginnings to the polished final cut and I never tire of the smiles on those miners faces....your face will ache the next day from smiling so much!

LAS VEGAS - special screening during the Jewelry Week in Las Vegas shows. The American Gem Society (AGS) Las Vegas Guild will sponsor a screening on Sunday June 5th.

Start time is 3:30pm 
...which should allow enough time to get back to the Strip for dinner!

Orin Mazzoni along with Ginger and Roger Dery will be in attendance to handle any questions...and, there may be other surprise appearances from the film as well.

Many of you have asked about seeing the film, and if there might be a way to bring it to your home town theaters. Come and meet Orin Mazzoni and find out for yourself.

- Summerlin Library and Performing Arts Center
- 1770 Inner Circle Drive, Las Vegas

- about 20 minutes from the Strip
Get a group of fellow jewelers together and I'll see you there!

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