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Saturday, May 24, 2014

#DesignerSpotlight - Cocktail Hour with Robert Procop

During his teenage years, Robert began to buy and sell diamonds, swiftly establishing himself as a key player in the industry and demonstrating such remarkable acumen as a gemstone trader that he was able to fully support himself while attending university. During the final year of his undergraduate studies, he used the profits he had earned from his trading to open a store, Diamonds on Rodeo, spectacularly positioned on Rodeo Drive at the heart of Beverly Hills. Creating unique jewels for the Hollywood elite, and securing his first presidential commission with President Ronald Reagan, further confirmed his reputation as both a trusted and innovative jeweler. Since then, he has been commissioned by every serving President of the United States.

Over the years, Robert expanded his presence, opening other stores and at the same time developing a substantial wholesale business in fine jewels. His talents and reputation swiftly positioned him as not only a gemstone expert and celebrated jeweler, but also as a sought-after business leader whose Midas touch could transform company performance. He spearheaded significant reversals during times of trouble for the most historic and exclusive jewelry companies in London where as CEO of the Crown jeweler of the United Kingdom, Asprey & Garrard, he restructured the organization to form two separate entities – both of which he subsequently led in succession as CEO. He is widely credited with having transformed the fortunes of both Garrard & Co. and Asprey during turbulent financial periods and significantly turning-around the fortunes of each organization.

Meanwhile, Robert’s successful wholesale business, Jewels of Beverly Hills, has continued to thrive, buying and selling fine jewels to the international trade. The company has also housed the private showroom for Robert’s exclusive clientele, providing a confidential and secure environment in which they could buy and sell their most valuable treasures. His discretion, expertise and artistry led Robert to acquire a client list which includes the most illustrious and celebrated personalities in the world, including Heads of State, international royalty and Hollywood’s A-list.

Bringing his unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience to bear, Robert has now launched his latest venture - Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels - which will see him lead an √©lite team of the world’s best designers, cutters and craftsmen to showcase his extraordinary collection of rare gemstones as jewellery masterpieces of breathtaking beauty.

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