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Friday, May 23, 2014

Martha Seely's Sequence collection debuts at JCK May 30th - Design Center on Level 2

Martha Seely Modern Jewelry Introduces Sequence Collection at JCK Show Design Center
The former costume designer creates new kinetic collection in gold and silver
Martha at her benchWhen metalsmith and designer Martha Seely looks at the whorls in a seashell, the tendrils of a flower, or the Milky Way galaxy in the sky, she not only marvels at one of nature's most magical patterns--the spiral--she gets inspired to create modern, abstract jewelry.

Spirals are examples of a mathematical concept called "the Fibonacci Sequence"--a pattern of numbers that underlies art, architecture, and nature's most beautiful designs. The famous sequence, which honors a 13th century Italian mathematician who introduced the idea to the West, is the source of the name of her new collection, Sequence.

"While the Sequence collection is influenced by the patterns and textures I see around me in buildings and the natural world, my work is not traditionally nature-inspired or architectural," says Seely. "Instead, my designs have a modern abstract sensibility, reflecting my Scandinavian heritage--with a subtle touch of fun that's uniquely American."

From her background as a costume designer for theater, films, and television, Seely's metalworking techniques are also influenced by fiber, fashion, and the dramatic art of movement. As a result, the collection is infused with textures and a kinetic energy that flatters women and the clothes they wear.

Seely holds an MFA in costume design, and has also studied with master jewelers Cynthia Eid, Jayne Redman, and Ann Cahoon, exploring and refining the techniques of fold forming, hammering, stone setting, wire weaving, and cold connections. Her studio is based in Concord, Massachusetts.

The Sequence collection, by Martha Seely Modern Jewelry, debuts at JCK Show Vegas, from May 30-June 2, 2014, in the Design Center on Level 2, Booth Number: S10900C. It is crafted in 14 karat gold and palladium silver, with 18 karat gold and other palladium options coming soon. The suggested retail price range is from $250 to $6,000. Seely's work is currently available at fine jewelers and galleries.

For more information, to make appointments to see the new collection at the show, or to contact Seely, go to

Martha Seely Sequence Bracelet  Martha Seely Sequence Earrings

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