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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

#JewelWKLV - Luxury Comes In All Price Points!

I have to say that when I signed up to cover Luxury by JCK I thought I would be overwhelmed...I am amazed by the craftsmanship, stunned by the color of the gems and blinded by the scintillation of the diamonds...but this show is so well set up that no one thing overwhelms you.  Each booth stands out and stands on it's own!

A couple of vendors that are truly the answer to the small retailer and chain alike that are weathering these tough times...

YEP - you saw that right LIEBERFARB - probably one of the #1 names in LUXURY Wedding...has just introduced a new line called BOND2.  a seamlessly extruded precious product made by pulling a tube of gold together with a tube of silver, so tightly, that the metals fuse together completely!!!

If you are a Maker/Bench Jeweler you know that this means you have a metal that you know how to work - and you CAN work this - so personalize blanks with stones or engraving - make it yours!!!

This next Designer is new to me Enric Torres has several lines - this artist from Barcelona is known most for his line of Gaudi style translucent enamels...

...but the lines that stood out to me were the Gallery and Silver Lines -you get a really BIG look and a very affordable retail...

The Gallery line "Parracs" has a chunky folded and forged steel look in Sterling Silver 

...and the newest silver line is so reasonable - has a big look, texture, gems and movement - what more could you ask for?

Contact info is coming - and they will have a website up soon!

*any prices shown are tradeshow pricing

More to come....

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