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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#JewelWKLV - Vendor Spotlight - Muzo Emeralds

MUZO Emeralds - MUZO Worldwide SARL
Luxury at JCK
Breakers Ballroom  #LUX1803

I know you are getting tired of me saying WOW or telling you that I have a new favorite but if you know me, you know that I am all about the Gems & Minerals...and Pearls and Fossils ;)

So imagine my response when I rounded the corner and saw the Muzo booth...

Michelle Upton is representing Muzo at the show and you couldn't talk to a smarter or more lovely spokesperson.

...and then of course there is the product...what I really loved about the Muzo booth is that they show emeralds in every form...beautiful Crystals to stunning cut stones.  

MUZO Worldwide SARL
The legendary emerald mines of Muzo, Colombia are the oldest in operation with over five centuries of uninterrupted activity. In November 2009, Muzo International, a branch of Texma Group, was awarded exclusive mining rights to these mines, upon which the company launched a global operation to mine, cut, and polish all new emerald production. Unique in the gemstome industry, each Muzo emerald is accompanied by a certificate from a highly-respected independent Swiss gemological laboratory confirming its Muzo mine origin. The Muzo process relies on the full traceability of the emeralds along the supply chain. Prized for their size, clarity, and ideal color, the emeralds set the standard for which all other emeralds are judged. 

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