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Saturday, June 2, 2012

#JewelWKLV - AGTA Gemfair Las Vegas

Equatorian Imports features Red Beryl
and  stunning Cats-Eye Tourmaline!
Booth  - #AGTA404

AGTA Gemfair Las Vegas

This one is for all my GEMMY Friends!!!  You know I stopped in as soon as the doors opened - this is the show that I am so excited to see!   You have gone on Gemfair trips with me in Tucson before...but I have to say the Las Vegas venue is just as big with so many vendors!!!  ....and busy - busy - busy!

There were some vendors that were still setting up - an issue throughout the event on the 30th & 31st - flights from the Pennsylvania and Texas areas were either being cancelled or delayed...but they were there for the Opening!  ...can'r keep a good Gem down!

This show has everything you have come to expect from an AGTA show and more!  

I think that there are a couple good thing that have come from our economic issues - first and is GREAT to see the attention on hand cut and faceted gem cutters...and in this show " Made in the USA"  is getting special attention!  Just a few of the represented brands are  Jewels from the Woods - AGTA222; John Dyer - AGTA1204 and Tom Trozzo - AGTA506 (Photo is from Tom Trozzo - just under 500 carats of hand-cut Amethyst!)

...and secondly, the use of gems that were never before in the Luxury or Fine Jeweler's Lexicon!  these goodies can include (pun intended) diamond slices - rose cut (flat back) diamonds and colored stones - quartz with everything but the kitchen sink in it and druzy everywhere!

(Photos: Left from Lakhi Gems - Cognac and Rose Cut Diamonds and Below: from Rare Earth Mining #AGTA427 - Druzy coated in Precious Metals)

There are of course the traditional Gems with the big three (Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire) heavily represented and the non - traditional Rare stones - Paraiba and Mozambique Tourmaline shown from Pala International  in Booth #AGTA514.

Pearls are showing NO sign of letting up - a classic that is VERY much on trend today!  ...and with over a dozen pearl vendors on the floor there is something for every shopper.  Betty Sue King of King's Ransom Pearls says that the hot items for her are her strands of "Comet" Pearls, her "Magic Metallics" and just look at the color in the baroques in front of her...King's Ransom is in Booth #AGTA411

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