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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Centurion Design Awards - 2013 Winners Acknowledged

2013 Centurion Design Awards 
Winners Acknowledged

Earlier this year, at the ultra exclusive Centurion Show the winners of the Centurion Design Awards were announced . The competition was open to all exhibitors at the show, and drew entries from almost two-thirds of the companies participating. Retailers were asked to vote for one winner in each of 11 categories.

The categories were as follows: Bridal, Colored Stone Classic, Colored Stone Fashion, Contemporary Metals, Diamond Classic, Diamond Fashion, Gold, Pearl, Platinum, Silver, and Watches.

Sponsoring companies this year were: Exhibit Management Corp. of New York, Chippenhook of Lewisville, TX, and Jewelers’ Mutual Insurance of Neenah, WI. Richard Zucker of Exhibit Management designed the showcase display theme, Chippenhook provided display fixtures and in-case signage, and pieces were insured by Jewelers Mutual for the duration of the competition.

Finalists were Frederic Sage, Maevona, and Mark Patterson
Winner - Frederic Sage
Diamond pave Engagement Ring in a floral motif

Colored Stone Classic
Finalists were Jack Abraham, Jewels by Star, and Oscar Heyman Winner -TIE - Jack Abrahams and Jewels By Star
Jack Abraham's ruby ring surrounded by a wealth of diamonds
Jewels by Star's Diamond framed emerald ring

Colored Stone Fashion 
Finalists were Annie Fensterstock for Fragments, Spark Creations, and William Levine
Winner - Spark Creations
Green tourmaline drop earrings in a trendy stilleto silhouette 

Contemporary Metals 
Finalists were Eclat Jewels, Rebecca, and Todd Reed 
Winner - Todd Reed 
Palladium and diamond cuff bracelet

Diamond Classic
Finalists were Etho, Kwiat, and Rahaminov Diamonds 
Winner - Kwiat
Limited-edition “Revel” earrings, feature a pair of cushion cut diamonds totaling 12.33 carats 

Diamond Fashion 
Finalists were A. Link & Co., Roberto Coin, and Siera Jewelry Winner - TIE - Roberto Coin and Siera
Roberto Coin's black and white diamond and green garnet cobra bracelet
Siera's diamond floral pendant in 18k and black rhodium on a black rhodium chain.

Finalists were Alwand Vahan, H. Weiss, and Heather Moore. 
Winner - Heather Moore (a first time exhibitor)
Moore's special-order wrap ring framed in cognac diamonds and personalized with the names of Moore’s children.

Finalists were Autore, Coge Design Group, and Yvel 
Winner - Yvel 
Yvel's one-of-a-kind 18k white gold and diamond necklace set featuring a baroque freshwater pearl.

Finalists were A. Jaffe, Roberto Demeglio, and Gumuchian 
Winner - Gumuchian 
Gumuchian's versatile platinum and diamond “Bow-lero” necklace

Finalists were Charles Garnier Paris, Eli Jewels, and Elizabeth and James. 
Winner - Charles Garnier Paris 
Charles Garnier's  “Constellation” Collection in a wavy cuff bracelet

Finalists were Frederique Constant, Steven Kretchmer Design, and Philip Stein for ViewPoint Showroom 
Winner - Frederique Constant
Frederique Constant’s Lady Slimline Joaillerie watch

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