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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rare, natural blue diamond to be auctioned during Israel's Int'l Diamond Week

Rare, natural blue diamond to be auctioned by Tzoffey's 1818
during U.S. / International Diamond Week in Israel

A natural vivid blue unique heart shape diamond, weighing 1.93 carat, is one of the show pieces at the auction of exclusive gems and jewelry organized by Tzoffey's 1818 to be held during the inaugural US/International Diamond Week at the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), March 17-20. When sold, the stone may fetch more than a million dollars per carat.

"Natural blue diamonds are without doubt the most rare and therefore most expensive category among natural color diamonds," said Avner Sofiov, owner of the French-Israeli auction house Tzoffey's. He recalled that the last two blue diamonds that were sold at auction by Sotheby's fetched extraordinary prices. "In May 2012, a marquise-shaped blue diamond of 2.07 carat was sold for $1.85 milllion, and in November a briolet-cut stone of 10.48 carat sold for more than $1 million per carat. The quality of this 1.93 heart shape is higher than the stones sold by Sotheby's and I am very curious how much this stone will fetch!" he added.

The blue diamond, together with hundreds of other, high-quality gemstones and jewelry pieces, can be viewed in a special viewing area adjacent to the trading hall of the Israel Diamond Exchange, from March 17 to 20. Bids are to be submitted in closed envelopes. The exact time of the auction's conclusion and its results will be announced shortly.

In addition to the Tzoffey's auction, I Hennig/ Fusion Alternatives, and the Rapaport Company will hold two auctions of polished diamonds. These polished auctions are being held in addition to rough diamond tenders organized by I Hennig/Fusion Alternatives and Ediamond.

Buyers will be offered four free hotel nights at the Leonardo Hotel, located opposite the Ramat Gan diamond exchange complex. The complimentary hotel accommodation is being provided courtesy of the Israel Diamond Institute (IDI). Please click here to register for the event.

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