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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SKY and LIVI Offers Women A Beautiful Solution To Hair Loss Due To Chemotherapy


Launched just over a month ago, Sky and Livi is a unique outlook for women facing hair loss due to chemotherapy - it offers a scientific solution to an extremely emotional situation.

SKY and LIVI is a diamond & jewelry company like you’ve never seen. Born out of a desire to redefine the way a woman copes with hair loss from chemotherapy, turning the process of cancer treatment into a one-of-a-kind, poetic, and deeply personal symbol that inspires a woman not to give up her fight against cancer.  SKY and LIVI creates a real, lab-grown personal diamond produced from a lock of her hair, which is fashioned into a beautiful pendant, and acts as a tool and symbol of her endurance to beat this dreaded disease.

In the USA alone, over 750,000 women are diagnosed with some form of cancer every year.  From that staggering figure, about a third undergo some form of chemo or radiation therapy.  While side effects vary greatly, the loss of hair is particularly traumatic for women, often demoralizing them to such an extent that they give up all hope of recovering.  Sadly, 8% of women opt not to receive treatment from fear of losing their precious hair.  

This is where Founder & CEO of SKY and LIVI, Anjanette Sinesio, enters the conversation.  For sixteen years, Sinesio has traveled the globe marketing and selling luxury jewelry and diamonds to high-end international clientele.  Over a decade ago, the loss of her aunt, father and grandfather to cancer, all within two years, left an indelible mark on her life.  She has also seen her friends and family battle cancer and survive. Sinesio saw how one's emotional state played a huge part in survival.  In fact, research by Dr. Lissa Rankin has proven that when using the placebo effect that 18-80% of people get better, as this healing comes from our positive belief and emotions, which directly affect the healthy cells in our body through the mind-body-connection.

Sinesio began to research a new technology, which creates diamonds in a laboratory from the unique carbon signature of a person’s hair, and she saw the vision of her current compassionate enterprise.  SKY and LIVI grew out of her inspiration to help women transform this very defining moment of hair loss by giving them an option not to just to throw their hair in the garbage.  Now, they can create a beautiful diamond from their hair set in specially designed pendants, that can inspire them not to give up the fight against this dreaded disease.  “I see the diamond and pendants I designed as an outward symbol of a woman's unwavering strength to fight cancer.  It’s her chance to tell cancer, you can take my hair, but you can’t take me,” says Sinesio.  

A beautiful example of just this is cancer survivor Elizabeth Joice, who battled a rare form of Sarcoma.  As she so simply put it - “I won my battle with cancer because I chose to fight.  I made it and I made a diamond.” 

The Technology
Utilizing years of research by some of the most skilled and trained scientists in the field, SKY and LIVI personal, lab-grown diamonds are made from the signature carbon from a client’s hair and then put under extreme heat and pressure in a lab environment. Women can then choose from five different pendants to set her personal diamond.  Each one is specially designed to showcase her stone and to wear close to her heart.  The whole process from start to finish takes several months.  SKY and LIVI lab-grown diamonds are currently available in white, blue, red, yellow and orange, in sizes varying from 0.10 carats to 2.00 carats, depending upon the color. SKY and LIVI personal, lab grown diamonds are chemically, physically and optically identical to a mined-diamond.  They are real, certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and laser engraved with your own unique IGI Identification Number and SKY and LIVI logo.  Every diamond also comes with a certificate of authenticity.  

Our Charity Partner - Look Good Feel Better
As part of her commitment to give back and do more, SKY and LIVI will donate $100 from every diamond sale to our charity partner, Look Good Feel Better. Friends and family can also show their support by purchasing a silver SKY and LIVI lavender macram√© logo bracelet accented with a micro diamond; $10 from every bracelet sale will also be donated. The Look Good Feel Better program is a collaboration of the Personal Care Products Council Foundation, a charitable organization established by the Personal Care Products Council, the leading national trade association representing the global cosmetic and personal care products industry; the American Cancer Society, the nation's largest voluntary health organization dedicated to saving lives from cancer; and the Professional Beauty Association, a national organization of more than 25,000 cosmetologists, wig experts, aestheticians, makeup artists and nail technicians. For more information about Look Good Feel Better visit  Look Good Feel Better is dedicated to improving the self-esteem and quality of life of people undergoing treatment for cancer. 

About Anjanette Sinesio 
Prior to her forming SKY and LIVI, Anjanette Sinesio was President & Creative Director of Diamond in the Rough and was VP of Marketing & Communications for LEVIEV Jewelers. She also headed the Marketing for Chimento, Stefan Hafner and Mayor’s Jewelers. Previously, Sinesio worked as the Director of the Actors Studio School of Dramatic Arts, and as the Executive in Charge of Production of the critically acclaimed and Emmy-nominated television show, “Inside the Actors Studio.” Along with James Lipton, she built the school and developed the television show from the ground up, creating one of the leading drama schools in the world. She left the Actors Studio in 1996 to begin her career in the jewelry industry. Sinesio has appeared as a spokesperson and trend expert on TV including E! Entertainment, Inside Edition, A&E’s BioBuzz, and America’s Next Top Model.

About SKY and LIVI
SKY and LIVI are the nicknames of Anjanette’s nieces, Skyler and Olivia.  They inspire her to be a better woman and remind her of what an important role model her own Aunt Barbara, who she lost to cancer, played in her life.  SKY and LIVI exists to help women transcend hair loss from chemotherapy—to transform a heartbreaking circumstance into an uplifting experience, creating a symbol of strength and beauty. A woman’s diamond, fashioned into a beautiful pendant, acts as a tool and symbol of her endurance and victory over the dreaded disease. 

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