Tuesday, March 12, 2013


TACORI Becomes the First Jewelry Company in the World to Use the Brand New 3D System Projet 3500 CPX Max Rapid Prototype Machine and Adds 20 New Microscopes to Diamond Setting Studio

TACORI, the legendary fine jewelry designer, is proud to announce a series of manufacturing advances in their California-based Design Studios that will create even higher standards for their jewelry quality while simultaneously creating more efficient processes.

In January of 2013, TACORI became the first jewelry company in the world to have the brand new 3D System Projet 3500 CPX Max rapid prototype machine. The capability of this upgraded high-powered CPX machine in the jewelry industry means that it can produce over 500 unique prototype designs in approximately 20 hours.  This is a dramatic increase to the prior machines’ capabilities, which produced approximately 180 unique designs in 21 hours.
Garo Kourounian, Head Designer for TACORI, says, “The new CPX rapid prototype machine gives us incredible capabilities to extend and improve our designs.  We can create more detailed designs, in greater volume, and faster.  This investment in the future of Tacori jewelry means that we will be able to design even more beautiful jewelry for our customers.”
Continues Paul Tacorian, President of Sales and Marketing, “Instead of relying on wax moldings, which can allow for individual imperfections, TACORI can now produce every special order design using computer aided design technology and the brand new rapid prototype machine.  This will dramatically increase the quality of all TACORI designs for all of our customers.”
TACORI’s investments in manufacturing do not stop with design, but also extend to the diamond setting and quality excellence portion as well.
As of January 2013, TACORI has invested in over 20 microscopes for the diamond setting department, which is an increase of 10 microscopes just 2 years ago.
The integration of over 20 microscopes has increased the accuracy and speed at which diamonds can be set within TACORI design studios.   Microscopes are used most frequently for TACORI’s bridal designs in order to treat the small intricate areas found on many of TACORI’s engagement rings and wedding bands, and especially within their signature crescent silhouette design feature.   The microscope can be used for many different types of diamond settings including micro-pave, princess, pave, and channel settings.
To advance the art of hand-setting diamonds into the microscopic level, master TACORI diamond setters experienced with microscopic diamond setting now train other master artisans during an intensive 2-3 month process with hands-on microscope techniques.
“When our Master diamond setters use microscopic techniques, this allows TACORI to continue designing and crafting unique pieces with higher degree of details, while also improving the speed, accuracy, and overall quality of every piece of Tacori jewelry” says Garo and Sako Emirzian, Head Diamond Setters for TACORI.
This continual investment in world-class design and manufacturing technology is a testament to TACORI’s continuing commitment to manufacture all TACORI jewelry at their design studios in California, and to maintain the highest standards of innovation and design in the industry.
TACORI is famous for their internationally recognized signature crescent silhouette design and for being an innovator in the design, creation and marketing of fine jewelry for over four decades.  Spanning four decades, TACORI designs have fused classic elegance with modern inspiration, creating some of the world's most highly regarded and exquisitely beautiful diamond rings, diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, men's wedding bands, diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, diamond necklaces, and Fashion jewelry.  Handcrafted in California, the remarkably detailed rings and fine jewelry pieces become the timeless symbols of connection that join individuals and generations.

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